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Good content and copy is great for small businesses

By Alistair Harris

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Featuring content and copy on your website can be an extremely effective step in marketing a small business, according to Tasha Cunningham.

Writing for the Miami Herald, Cunningham has produced a 12-part list of strategies that small businesses can take up in their content and copywriting production.

Here are some of the best:

  • Put yourself in the mindset of a publisher: Draw up a plan – detailing what content is to be published on which particular date. Think about the purpose of this copywriting venture, what is the message you want to communicate with your audience?

Owner of Write IMC, Dan Studivant suggests that beginners should: “Write a few articles or blog posts at a time and distribute them over the course of a week or two to get started.”

  • Don’t go in for the hard sell: Online copy and content should inform. Providing the customer with a feeling that they’ve increased their knowledge and been suitably informed could gain a potential sale in the long run.
  • Ensure it’s not time sensitive: Dated and old regurgitated content will only frustrate customers – therefore ensure your copy is fresh and useful throughout the year.

It can be really useful to use a copywriting service to ensure you have professional, well-researched and informative copy on your website, social media profiles or newsfeeds.

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