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French say ‘Non’ to Facebook and Twitter

By Ava Kelly

Words associated with social media

Many businesses use social media sites Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes, but now they have come under scrutiny by French Authorities, who don’t want to market the sites themselves on television.
French regulators have banned broadcasters from using the words Facebook or Twitter on air.

The brand names can be used on TV and radio if a news story is specifically about one of the companies.

But it is thought that constant use of the names is considered to be advertising the products.  Christine Kelly, an advisor to France’s regulatory body the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel, said there had been a misunderstanding.

“We encourage the use of social networks,” she said.

“There is no question of blocking.”

But, she said people could be more careful when referring to the sites and just tell people to “find us on social networks”.

“Why should we promote a network that is worth billions of dollars like Facebook and not for another one that is having a hard time getting known?” Ms Kelly asked.

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