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Figures highlight Twitter’s potential as viable marketing channel

By Alistair Harris

Social media

Twitter’s potential in social media marketing is growing, and the figures are there to back the claim up, according to Michael Perlman’s column, Metrics Insider, published on mediapost.com.

Perlman stated that at a recent ‘Twitter for Marketers’ conference in Chicago, it was revealed that Twitter was receiving 20,000 searches per second.

Other figures, such as those from a recent survey by Compete, displayed a clear divide between those who create content and those who consume it; on Twitter, just 56 per cent of users do both – compared to 81 per cent on Facebook.

This clearly shows the potential of the platform for communicating or tracking down good content, but not always both at the same time.

A further 56 per cent of those that follow a brand or business on Twitter indicated in the study, that they were more likely to make an eventual purchase from the company, as opposed to 47 per cent on Facebook – as Perlman states, only increasing Twitter’s ‘viability as a marketing channel.’

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