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Facebook to compete with mainstream advertising in 2011

By George Chapple

Facebook to compete with mainstream advertising in 2011

According to lakestarmedia.com, the amount of spending on advertising through social media websites is set to rise by 55 per cent this year. This would mean that 11 per cent of all advertising online would be done through social media websites.

Online marketing analysts at eMarketer.com believe that 2011 will be the year that Facebook marketing competes with mainstream advertising figures and revenues.

An article on the eMarketeer website, stated: “The primary driver of the change in projected spending is greater ad spending on Facebook, by far the biggest player in the space.”

Deborah Aho Williamson, an analyst at eMarketeer, said: “2010 was the year that Facebook firmly established itself as a major force not only in social network advertising but all of online advertising.”

She also went on to predict that Facebook advertising worldwide will top £2.5 billion this year, and continue to grow by 40 per cent in 2012.

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