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Facebook reveals innovative creative practices to increase brand understanding

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

Renowned for its innovative thinking, Facebook has revealed the “hacking culture” it uses to keep ideas fresh, in a bid to give brands and social media marketing professionals a greater understanding of the social networking site’s ongoing developmental process.

According to an article published by Marketing Magazine, the director of product engineering for Facebook, Andrew Bosworth,  provided an insight into the site’s development process at the Facebook Studio Live event.

Speaking at the event in East London on Thursday (September 15), Bosworth said that Facebook wasn’t afraid of ‘throwing away a good thing for a great thing.’

To do this, he stated that the company regularly ran ‘Hackathons’ – events that got employees together to create new ideas by going back to old assumptions about consumers.

Bosworth explained that the process was ‘a way of thinking about products – you have to release yourself to what your really want to do, and release yourself from the fear making a mistake.’

Facebook Chat and the Like button are just a couple of the innovations to come from Hackathons.

In response to a backlash to the change to the social networking site’s News Feed, Bosworth stated: “[Agencies and brands] sometimes think how arrogant of you to make these changes – it’s actually humility that drives this development.”

Moving to differentiate between a “Hackathon” and a brainstorm, he argued: “The end goal is to have working ideas that we can build and worth with, even if Zuckerberg thinks it’s a terrible idea. The idea is about never being comfortable.”

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