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Facebook on the verge of reaching 600 million users

By George Chapple

Facebook on the verge of reaching 600 million users

According to figures from Socialbakers, Facebook is about to reach another milestone by having 600 million online users. The social networking site currently has 596.3 million users.

The countries which have been contributing most to the milestone are the U.S (20.7 million new users), India (8.3 million users), Indonesia (8 million new users) and the Philippines (6.2 million users).  These figures suggest that the site will hit a billion users by late 2012.

It has been less than six months since the social media site announced it had reached 500 million users, which highlights the speed of growth of Facebook.

The networking site was launched in 2004 and has on average, added 100 million users a year, the majority of which have registered in the last few years. The sites user database is still increasing exponentially, becoming one the fastest growing websites ever in history.

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