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Facebook Marketing – twice as effective

By Jack Adams

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Facebook’s Head of Emerging Markets, Mark Cowan, has expressed his view that Facebook is twice as effective in the Social Media Marketing industry compared to its rivals.

Cowan was quoted on bizcommunity.com after speaking at the Habari Media Facebook Connects forum, held in Johannesburg and Cape Town last week.

With Facebook being the world’s third-largest market, Cowan was quick to point out that the platform was there to market brands in a more innovative way and one that needed to be taken advantage of for progress.

He said: “Brands have always talked to people and have done for a long time. But, on Facebook, there is a huge opportunity to listen. Many brands are now making Facebook pages their main online destination.”

Cowan however, warned that for companies to be successful when Facebook marketing, they needed to be ambitious.

“When you launch a marketing campaign, you typically have goals like announcing a new product, running a promotion to drive sales or trying to build awareness. Just engaging your fans with this message, and the small amount of buzz that this may generate, is not enough,” he added.

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