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Facebook launch Facebook Studio

By Lauren Myatt

Facebook thumbs up

Reports in the news today suggest that Facebook has finally launched Facebook Studio, a new tool that will build on relationships between Facebook and marketing agencies making it easier for users to use Facebook Marketing a a way of advertising their products and services.

“We spent the first years as a company focusing an awful lot on clients,” said Blake Chandlee, Facebook’s agency outreach team lead at last month’s Facebook Studio Live promotional event. “Around the world, we had clients coming forward, saying ‘help us,’ but then we’d sit down with their agencies, and they’d tell us ‘we don’t know how to do that.’”

“We need to shift our approach to the market and focus on the agencies,” Chandlee said.

How it works is that work is uploaded through the Gallery and from there it is moved to a network of members just like the usual photo and video uploads do on the regular site. Members can ‘like’ comment and share TV ads, white papers and media info with friends. The more popular an item the more chance it has of appearing in the Spotlight section.

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