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Facebook claims video chat change is "awesome"

By Alistair Harris

Social media

Facebook officially announced a new collaboration with Skype to a rather muted fanfare this week.

Skype, recently bought by Microsoft, already powers Facebook’s online chat messaging feature.

But now the two companies are teaming up to launch video chat through the social networking site.

The battle is now hotting up as both Facebook and Google+ look to capitalise on social media marketing income.

It’s not known how long this “awesome” feature has been in the pipeline – but the announcement comes just days after Google launched its rivalĀ  to Facebook, Google+, which featured video chat as a unique selling point.

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg launched the new feature on Wednesday – but the move had been predicted as soon as Google+ launched a closed-invite beta featuring its own “Hangouts” video chat service.

The new chat options have already been implemented. Zuckerberg said: “We think this is awesome. We are using the best technology for video chat with the best social infrastructure.”

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