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Facebook apps overlooked in social media marketing

By Alistair Harris

Facebook thumbs up

Companies utilising Facebook simply as a way to advertise and build up their contact database are missing out on a big opportunity to become even more commercial, according to an article on itnewsafrica.com.

With a much lower outlay of capital needed to finance commercial Facebook marketing campaigns and fan pages, the platform has flourished as a promotional outlet.

However, it would seem many companies are ignoring the potential of Facebook apps as a further marketing tool.

Combining commerce with social media, regardless of what it is that’s being sold, is apparently the way forward.

Wesley Lynch provides a number of good reasons to integrate with social media, stating:

  • “It is where everyone hangs out. Fish were the fish is.”
  • “Recommendations from friends are highly influential, and given eagerly.”
  • “There are plenty of off-the-shelf apps, providing anything from whole store fronts to promotions, e-newsletters, online slide demos or offline event promos.”

He finishes by stating that given the relative infancy of the “social phenomenon”, capitalising on these opportunities early will ensure that the financial rewards reaped are greater.

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