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Facebook and Skype could team up to match Google

By Alistair Harris

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With last week’s launch of Google+, the new social networking site from the search engine giant, the signs for Facebook and Skype were slightly ominous.

Skype, recently acquired by Microsoft, has grown its business around video conferencing and group messaging functions.

Facebook’s own chat application has allowed people using the social network to talk together in real-time, rather than relying on email-style messages, or wall posts.

But Google+ main innovation was to provide drop-in, drop-out video conferencing through its social network.

It was an addition that alone, neither Facebook or Skype could immediately match.

But now, according to the Guardian, the respected Tech Crunch blog is reporting that Facebook and Skype could be about to announce a collaboration to provide video chat on Facebook.

The social network is expected to make an announcement this week, which is now widely being reported as a video-chat function powered by Skype.

The change towards video conferencing – which will essentially start out free – will have ramifications for social media marketing as advertisers may be able to use the feature to provide information for users through more direct, yet conversely traditional means, similar to TV adverts.

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