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Direct marketing professionals urged to utilise Twitter Marketing

By Jack Adams

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Professionals in the area of direct marketing (marketing that reaches its target audience without the use of traditional, more conventional advertising methods) are being encouraged to utilise Twitter marketing, according to an article on Thomson Local’s website.

The micro-blogging service has risen to the forefront of new methods that can be used to market products or services.

Andrew Girdwood, head of strategy at a digital marketing company, has commented that despite this success, Twitter will have to continue evolve, “because, online, if you don’t evolve, you’re dead.”

Girdwood offered praise on the current “Suggestions for You”, which help users link with other accounts that share similar interests. He suggested that it was this feature that would help sustain Twitter as a marketing tool in the long run.

He said: “If you’re new to Twitter, people can find you and you get adopted by the community more quickly,” which of course can only be a positive thing in reaching a target market.

Paul Chaney, social media director at Practical Ecommerce, has also recently endorsed the use of Twitter in social marketing.

He suggested that small businesses, because of tight budgets, should look into allocating resources into platforms, such as Twitter, that could see them bring in a reasonable return on investments.

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