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Creating a business Facebook page

By George Chapple

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An effective and free way to raise a business’s profile is to use social media websites like Facebook. Companies which regularly update their Facebook page, are keeping their content fresh for their customers to enjoy.

The topics usually covered in Facebook posts are business news and current events which influence your industry, product launches, personnel changes and question-and- answer exchanges.

Be aware that if you decide to create a business Facebook page, you will need to update it regularly. In doing this you will be rewarded by appearing on the newsfeed of potential customers and fans, raising the profile of your business. If you decide to post interactive content such as question and answers, more time needs to be invested in the page as questions prompt replies.

Within the medical profession, Facebook is an increasingly popular way for doctors to keep in touch with their patients, comment on any health related issues raised in the media, and generally build a strong, trustworthy relationship with patients.

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