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Could new trademark begin Google shift to social media?

By Alistair Harris

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Reports in San Francisco claim Google has trademarked the name Photovine – believed to be a new social photo-sharing service.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the search engine giant could be looking to move into social networking territory, as an alternative to its traditional search page.

Google is clearly aware of the way Facebook has moved swiftly to dominate the social side of the web – and in many cases, Facebook has even replaced the need for a search engine for internet users.

The +1 button recently introduced by Google drew direct comparisons with “liking” on Facebook or giving a thumbs-up on YouTube. For searchers, it means the engine can give more preferential results by analysing previous +1s on results and apes other recent developments in social media marketing.

Google already has a photo sharing service – and it is not known yet if Photovine is being lined up as a direct replacement, or a rebrand for this service.

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