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Content is key to a social media strategy

By George Chapple

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Content is the key to success in social media, according to Usama Al-Qassab, e-commerce marketing and digital innovation team leader at Procter & Gamble.

When speaking at the Social Media World Forum this week on the role social media should have in a traditional marketing strategy, Al- Qassab said: “There is a lot of talk about social commerce, but the average person is not yet there yet. On sites such as Facebook, the majority of people do not go there to purchase and still prefer their traditional online retailers. But unless you have content, there is no point. The content you deliver and the investment behind that is key, much bigger than straight media dollars.”

The conference centred on how social media marketing should fit into the concept of bought, earned and owned media. Marketers are beginning to understand the benefits of social media, as investment in social media platforms has tripled in the last 12 months.

Nick Burcher, global head of social media and innovation at ZenithOptmedia, commented that brands need to make sure that their content is easily found. He said: “There is so much content out there that is great and excellent, [but that] does not mean anyone will be able to even see it. People don’t talk about things because they think they are great, they talk about them because they think they ought to, or because other people talk about them. Popular things get more popular, as a result of being in the public eye.

“It is about driving the content and hoping to get additional benefits, when people start getting involved,” he added.

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