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Common errors in Facebook marketing

By Alistair Harris

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The potential that Facebook marketing possesses is unprecedented; however with this, there is just as much potential to be careless and make mistakes.

According to an article posted on Miamiherald.com, Tasha Cunningham has highlighted some of the most common errors – and more importantly, ways they can be avoided.

Here is just a selection:

  1. A lack of understanding as to how customers use Facebook: The first thing most people will see when they log in to their Facebook account is the news feed – rather than the pages they’ve “liked”. Therefore it is important to differentiate between trying to market a business page and simply posting a status update on a personal account. To get your content viewed it is advised to post directly to the page for your business – this way the content will show up on not only your feed, but also that of your fans.
  1. Entitlement to a proper URL: Many businesses are unaware that if their page gets 25 fans or over they are entitled to a Facebook URL. This URL could contain the business name – rather than a randomly assigned URL – which can make it more SEO-friendly.
  1. Posting low quality content: A case of quality over quantity. Customers look for good and imaginative content rather than ultimately unfulfilled hype. Think about how you aim to benefit your Facebook fans with your content – if you can’t answer this, go back and revise it before hitting the post button.

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