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CEO highlights common social media marketing mistakes

By George Chapple

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Damian Hanson, CEO and co-founder of One Iota, has highlighted some of the most common mistakes businesses make when approaching social media marketing.

A mistake which many businesses make is not clearly planning their social media strategy. A decision needs to be made about which platforms will most suit your brand. A key feature is being able to measure results, so you can see the return of your investment.

Many companies rush into creating a page to attract fans and followers. Social media is a fantastic way of getting in touch with new and existing customers. However, a certain amount of time needs to be invested to keep up the interaction.  2011 will be year which businesses will be able to measure the conversion rate from social media generated traffic.

Research needs to be carried out to make sure you are not overpaying for any social media package. Many businesses often pay out a lot of money for something which does not benefit their business.

Mr Hanson also commented on the amount of noise online, and that many businesses struggle to make sense of public opinion. All social media activity relating to your company should be tracked, so you can understand what’s being said about your business.

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