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Businesses slow to use analytics in social media

By George Chapple

Facebook thumbs up

Businesses continue to ignore the analytical possibilities that fresh content on social media platforms can provide, according to v3.co.uk.

The Social Network Analysis tool was originally launched in April 2010, but only a handful of businesses have been using the new software.

Jonathan Hornby, marketing director of a business analytics company, commented that most businesses are experimenting with social media on a surface level, but not looking any further.

“There’s so much going on in the social media space that organisations are starting asking where the value is, but many are still wondering if staff should be playing around on sites like Twitter,” he said.
“But it provides a digital channel where you can monitor how people are talking about your brand and react to their needs. But businesses are still not sure how they translate that in to value.”

The potential of social media marketing has not yet been fully established. The retail sector has launched successful Facebook marketing campaigns because they have high numbers of one-on-one interactions so want to treat customers well and understand how social media can help them do this.

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