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Businesses advised to take social network sites seriously

By Lauren Myatt

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Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have yet to be capitalised on by businesses claim experts.

Facebook marketing for example has huge potential with a recent study in America showing Britain’s online digital economy is work more than £100 billion.

It is claimed that companies are failing to produce a solid marketing strategy to help boost their social networking status and tap into this increasing market.

eCircle have analysed reports detailing the responses of over 1,000 UK consumers of social media and have determined 73 per cent of respondents are accessible via social networking sites.

Despite this, eCircle claim that strategies of Twitter or Facebook marketing for example have not be constructed to capitalise upon these opportunities.

The chief executive of eCircle, Volker Wiewer states that the study was to discover ‘who was using different social networks and what motivates them’.

Many Facebook users follow companies over the social networking site in order to receive discounts as well as the latest news and offers from the company.

Facebook marketing for example is still yet to catch on however, with many companies not using the site to its full potential.

It is clear from this new study that social networking sites require a strategy in order to develop the marketing potential to its fullest.

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