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Business Profiles set to launch soon, according to Google

By Alistair Harris

Circle of people around the words 'social network'

Following its move from an invite-only model to being fully accessible to the masses, Google+ is putting the gears in motion for the highly anticipated Business profiles feature, according to an article published by Ad Age.

Despite a number of brands setting up unofficial profiles, only Ford and General Motors have got approval for beta testing, but according to Google, more could be joining in the near future.

Google’s group product manager for social advertising, Christian Oestlien, speaking at Ad Age’s Digital West conference, stated that the company was close to unveiling the feature officially – which would allow companies the power to implement social media marketing initiatives on the newest of the social networks.

He also warned that a team was working to shut down on company profiles that had been set up without approval.

A number of these unofficial profiles are thought to have originated from squatters, however, Google+ benefits from the same name being able to be registered more than once – though according to a spokesman Google is planning to “police” the network, so that users can differentiate between official and unofficial profiles.

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