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British businesses slow off mark when using Twitter

By Jack Adams

Social media

Twitter marketing has revolutionised online marketing strategies, becoming a key player in introducing creative new methods since its inception five years ago.

However a report on thinq.co.uk has suggested that British businesses might not be utilising the full capabilities of Twitter marketing on an international scale.

Research has shown just one British company in the top 10 global tweeters – showing British companies might have been a little slow off the mark.

Christian Arno, founder and Managing Director of translation company Lingo24 has spoken of the need to market internationally when using Twitter.

He said: “With twitter remaining the most popular social media platform for corporations, running a foreign language Twitter campaign can be a massively profitable exercise.”

“The reality is that if a company has operations beyond the Channel, they need to run multiple Twitter accounts to have international impact,” he continued.

Arno finished by stating: “With more than 200 million users around the world, Twitter is where their customers are.”

While some companies have seen the need to market internationally using the site, some are relying on automated translation for their tweets – often resulting in brand misrepresentation.

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