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Brands not adapting strategies correctly, according to expert

By Alistair Harris

Circle of people around the words 'social network'

A social media marketing expert has accused brands of undertaking “anti-social” marketing strategies on social networking sites, according to a report on marketingmagazine.co.uk.

Brain Solis, from Altimeter, made the claim at the Social Media Marketing and iCommerce Summit in Monte Carlo.

He stated that with each individual social network, came an individual culture.

Therefore by feeding the same, regurgitated content across various platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, in large amounts, brands could potentially alienate their consumers.

Solis said: “There is a gap between what consumers want from social networks and what brands think they want.”

Referencing a recent IBM survey, he suggested what consumers really wanted were discounts and special offers – as opposed to the community building tactics used by many marketers.

Praising the impact of social media in marketing, Solis finished by stating: “Social media works. It makes people spend more money – it makes people connect to more consumers.”

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