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Brands need to be entertaining on Facebook

By Jack Adams

Facebook thumbs up

A recent survey carried out by Stern & Associates has provided a significant insight into what people want from brands on Facebook, according to an article published by Forbes.

The results displayed that 43 per cent of users wanted entertainment and 38 per cent wanted access to coupons; meanwhile customers, it seems, is not what people look for on Facebook – with just 19 per cent of respondents stating that this was what they expected from brands.

When localised, the data also displayed that the responses varied depending on region.

Respondents in Asia and the Middle East displayed a far greater interest in coupons, whilst Americans and Europeans showed a larger interest in entertainment.

The information displayed by the survey could prove to be quite useful in the planning phase of future Facebook marketing campaigns.

Writer of the article and vice president at Stern & Associates, Jim Nichols, states that the best pages on the social networking site offer either entertainment or coupons.

He then goes on to add that those who do “have a better chance at building a relationship with customers.”

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