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Brands beginning to employ more in-house social media staff, according to survey

By Jack Adams

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With the focus on social media within businesses – especially social media marketing – growing by the day, a new study – conducted by IBSA and Havas Media – has revealed that 50 per cent of brands now have their own in-house social media staff, according to an article published by New Media Age.

Carried out by surveying 50 IBSA members, the study also displayed that every single person interviewed stated that they were now involved with social media – in one-way or another.

Meanwhile 72 per cent of respondents stated that their brand’s CEO had a significant understanding of the important role that social media now has in business strategy; 78 per cent also said that their brand understood that social media was a long-term commitment – rather than short one.

Digital activation manager for Coca Cola, Jude Brooks spoke to NMA about the rise in dedicated in-house social media staff.

She said: “As brand engage more and more in social media, our learning and confidence increase, and it is inevitable that some brands will bring responsibility for social media in-house.”

“While this will inevitably lead to a re-think of the role for agencies, this research shows that good agencies need not panic, specialists that can bring innovative and creative solutions will always be needed and valued,” she finished.

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