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Big brands prefer fan page campaigns than paid advertising on Facebook

By Jack Adams

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As a popular platform for social media marketing campaigns, it is understandable as to why advertisers are so desperate for their products to be liked on Facebook.

However, despite the popularity of Facebook marketing campaigns, an article published by the Wall Street Journal has revealed that the Ford Motor Company, despite spending around $95 million to promote their new Focus model across platforms, spent “just pennies” on Facebook adverts.

Ford’s most recent campaign for the Focus was hosted on a free Facebook page – proving hugely successful, gaining in excess 43,000 “likes.”

Intel are amongst the other companies that have adopted a similar practice of attracting a target audience via free Facebook pages and inexpensive advertising.

Whilst Facebook’s revenue mainly comes from advertising on the site, it is mainly small local businesses that are using the Facebook adverts, according to comScore; larger companies have commented that their advert spend on Facebook is much smaller on other sites than on Facebook – highlighting an emerging trend.

Despite this, however, vice president of advertising and global operations at Facebook, David Fischer, stated that the most successful campaigns combined the paid advertising offered the site with the free content offered on fan pages.

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