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Better analytics needed for marketing

By Lauren Myatt

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According to a report this morning the marketing industry is in need of better analytics to turn data into business according to a survey completed by IBM.

In addition to this the statistics showed that while social media marketing is on the up, the hype doesn’t match the results as of yet.

‘The State of Marketing 2011′ surveyed around 300 direct and online marketers regarding their industry demographics, company size and looked at their key technology trends with the results reflecting the sentiments.

The results also found that there is a call for a better analytics programme to allow data to be turned into business more efficiently and was among one of the highest priority needs for marketers.

Yuchun Lee, vice president, Enterprise Management Marketing, for IBM, said: “As our annual survey reveals, the proliferation of technologies such as mobile and social media combined with the explosion of data pose a wealth of transformational opportunities for marketers in 2011.

“Marketers are looking for ways to turn more marketing possibilities into better business results.”

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