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Are businesses using Twitter effectively?

By Adam Buckley

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Five years since the start of social networking sensation Twitter, the question has to be asked, do businesses get the most out of Twitter?

www.itpro.co.uk has reported that there are still many businesses that do not utilise social networking sites such as Twitter to their full potential.

Twitter marketing is something that can be as important as any other marketing, with the social network boasting 200 million registered and almost 460,000 accounts accessed every day.

Director of Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Avanade, Jonathan Rowley has claimed: “Increasingly we see organisations wanting to use it in a business context”.

There are many appealing factors to industries looking to utilise the social networking experience for their companies marketing.

One appealing factor to Twitter Marketing is the ability to communicate to the potential consumers about how they can improve products or tell them of upcoming deals.

The second very appealing factor to using Twitter is the ability to market their products or drive traffic to their websites or upcoming events.

With the younger generation becoming savvier with the social networking experience, this offers a lot of opportunity for people and companies to communicate like never before.

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