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American Express team up with Facebook

By Lauren Myatt

Dart in the centre of a target labelled 'social marketing'

Leading financial institution, American Express, have teamed up with social media giants, Facebook to help publicise the importance of both brands when running a successful business.

A team of representatives were sent on an all expenses paid trip to visit Facebook’s’ headquarters from American express to conduct a series of one-on-one meetings with social media marketing experts.

The purpose of the trip was to come up with a succesful marketing plan for American Express’ OPEN which is a small business advisory website. The meeting will then be recorded and uploaded onto their site.

Small business owners are experts at customer engagement, but the tools and techniques for finding and engaging customers are quickly evolving,” said Julie Fajgenbaum, vice president of brand and customer marketing at American Express OPEN.

“It’s critical that business owners understand these new channels and platforms, which is why we are collaborating with Facebook to educate on the benefits of engaging customers through social media and provide real, tangible tips on how to do it effectively,” she added.

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