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2011 saw a record number of Tweets

By George Chapple

2011 saw a record number of Tweets

Social media website Twitter witnessed a new record as countries all over the world celebrated the New Year, according to WebProNews.

Japanese Twitter users posted a staggering 6,939 Tweets per second wishing followers, friends and family a ‘Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu’ (‘Happy New Year’).

The record not was set due to of a couple extra New Year Tweets, as the figure more than doubles the previous record. The previous record was set during last summer’s World Cup when Japan was victorious over Denmark, which saw 3,283 Tweets per second.

The record highlights the growth and popularity of Twitter across the globe. Many consumers are in the routine of logging onto the social media site every day, where they can post up to 140 characters.

Twitter is used for file sharing as well as posting thoughts, feelings, opinions and anything else than come to mind. The service is growing in popularity with businesses, as it is a great way to keep consumers up to date with the latest news in their industry.

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