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14.5 per cent of US businesses don’t use Twitter

By Lauren Myatt

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Following a research project carried out by an online marketing and PR specialist focusing on newsrooms has found that 14.5 per cent of US businesses don’t use Twitter in the marketing campaigns.

The results also indicated that 65 per cent of those businesses say that they foresee that Facebook would take over their Twitter marketing campaigns entirely, completely replacing their Twitter presence online.

In contradiction to this however, those that did use Twitter as part of their marketing campaigns found it to be invaluable.

Chris Bechtel, CEO of iPressroom said: “In the quest for visibility, brand awareness and engagement, Twitter has proven to be an invaluable tool for those brands that have effectively taken advantage of its reach and influence.”

“More than 68% of our survey respondents stated they use Twitter for publicity and more than 63% for brand awareness.┬áThis event will show attendees how to excel at those goals,” said Bechtel.

Other statistics showed that the top five brands followed by PR and marketing professionals were Facebook, Zappos, Starbucks, Southwest and Whole Foods.

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