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We've answered some of the most common questions about our web copy service ContentVOX.

ContentVOX is an all-in-one content generation and social syndication service, which offers search engine optimisation, social media and online content strategy from as little as £299 per month. Our copywriters produce exclusive, targeted articles about your industry, which are posted to your website and social media pages. It's like having your own magazine!

Yes, ContentVOX copy is created exclusively for your website, and is unique to your website and social media profiles.

Our team of experienced copywriters can write accurately and authoritatively about your industry. You can direct our content team to produce content about your business or industry which is entirely unique to your website.

ContentVOX distributes your unique content to a custom blog that we create for you, in addition to your Facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn page. We can also use RSS feeds to send your content directly to your own company website.

We aim to write a minimum of 300 words for each piece of content that we create. We have found that in today's world of "content snacking", with consumers seeking concise, snappy prose, this is the optimal length to grab visitor attention and hold it through to your sales message.

In addition, should you wish to submit your content to the Google News service, Google currently have a minimum of 80 words per article (see http://www.google.com/support/news_pub/bin/answer.py?answer=93994).

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an industry-standard format for delivering bespoke content to other websites, via RSS readers. It allows your content to be displayed on other sites and invites people to click links to visit your site to find out more. RSS feeds ensure ContentVOX can maximise the availability of your content - making sure it's seen by interested people - which in turn helps drive traffic to your website. By making content keyword-rich, it also helps improve your search engine optimisation.

Millions of people use social networks every day to organise their lives, communicate with friends and access information. By ensuring your company has a presence on these websites, you open routes for social media marketing - which helps raise brand awareness and, most importantly, helps you find new customers.

  • Facebook has more than 700 million active users.
  • The average Facebook user has 130 friends.
  • Twitter has more than 106 million registered users.
  • 300,000 new users sign up to Twitter every day.
  • LinkedIn has more than 80 million members.
  • A new member joins LinkedIn every second.
  • All social networks have a global audience.

Images help sum up a story. They are an aesthetically-pleasing addition to an article, and they add to its credibility. Images also help improve the clickthrough rate from other websites such as Facebook and Google News. People like pictures!

A personalised feed on your website helps keep your content fresh, flexible and relevant - which search engines love. Think of it as Google food. New, unique content encourages search engines to check your website more frequently, because you are publishing regular updates. This helps improve your search ratings. It also provides valuable information to potential customers.

ContentVOX makes your site a source of interesting, relevant information about your business or industry. We provide your content feed in an RSS format and make it available for any website to use. When your content is featured on other websites, it creates links back to your website - and this helps to greatly improve your search engine optimisation, and improves the reputation of your website. This works together to improve your search rankings.

It's easy to sign up. Simply download, complete and return the form from our website, or call us now on 0800 0096 869 to discuss your needs with the ContentVOX sales team.

ContentVOX is available in three packages:

  • VOX Express: £299 per month for 12 articles, including images
  • VOX Standard: £599 per month for 24 articles, including images

Find out more about the price of our web content services here.

Choosing a ContentVOX package entirely depends on what your company wants to achieve.

Choosing the VOX Standard package doubles the number of articles you receive each month and can improve your Google rankings and build up your search engine optimisation.

If you are unsure what impact ContentVOX might have, or, if this service is completely new to your business, starting on VOX Express with a view to upgrading may be the most suitable option.

Yes, of course. You can switch to a different package at any time. And you can switch back if you want to, too.


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